Fuel Contracting Enhancements Now Available

Enhancements are coming to MFA Oil’s fuel contracting program. Contracting is a valuable tool you can use to lock in fixed or maximum pricing on a set number of gallons. This provides clarity for budgeting your fuel expenses. These benefits are hallmarks of our contracting program, and they will remain a part of the program.

We are streamlining the process of obtaining quotes and agreeing to a contract. Your local bulk plant can generate a price quote and provide it to you in print or via email. We will be able to upload the new contract into our system with just a few clicks.

Less Money Down on Fuel Contracting

Our upgraded software provides you with faster and more effective service. For example, fixed-price contracts will no longer require full pre-payment. You may need to make a small deposit, and in some cases, no down payment may be required at all.

Fixed-price contracts for little to no money down will allow more of our customers to take advantage of this tool. You can now contract what you need and pay as you go without tying up your cash in upfront payments.

We are also updating changing how gallons are applied to your contract. All gallons locked in on your contract will now be available from the first day of the contract. This will pertain to both sales made at Petro-Card 24 facilities and deliveries made by our drivers. Every gallon you purchase is applied to your contract until its limit is reached. If you would prefer to limit the number of contracted gallons you purchase each month, or if you only want to contract for certain months, you can set up individual monthly contracts to meet your needs.

These fuel contracting changes benefit all customers, including those whose purchases are delivered by tank wagon, transport-sized loads and everyday purchases at Petro-Card 24 sites.

Fuel Contracting Provides Pricing Protection

Energy analysts expect the volatility gripping the energy sector to continue into the near term. While the market has fallen well off its recent October peak, there’s no guarantee prices will remain at these levels. Any number of factors, such as natural disasters, geopolitical issues and crude production cuts, could result in unpredictable market activity. I encourage you to take advantage of the contracting options we offer to establish some pricing protection for your budget. This is historically the season when we see the year’s most attractive pricing, so if you can obtain a quote that fits within your budgeted range, it’s probably a good idea to lock in pricing on a percentage of your future fuel needs to manage your risk.