Spring Clean Bulk Fuel Tanks

Spring Clean Bulk Fuel Tanks

Spring is nearly here. That means it’s time to start getting fields ready for planting. To ensure your equipment is ready to run without issue, you need to perform preventative maintenance on your bulk fuel tank.

If left unchecked, your tank will begin to collect water, rust, dirt and bacteria. Regular draining and cleaning are the only ways to keep these contaminants from accumulating in your tank and fouling your fuel. If water or debris is pumped into your equipment from a dirty bulk fuel tank, it can lead to loss of performance and costly repairs.

Test for Water in Bulk Fuel Tanks

Water spells trouble for any fuel storage system. Proper monitoring and maintenance is crucial for preserving fuel quality. Check for it frequently. You can test for water in your tank by applying water paste on a gauge stick. Dip the stick in the bottom of the tank. It will change color if water is present. You can also send a fuel sample from the bottom of your tank to the MFA Oil Laboratory for analysis. Immediately remove any water detected in the tank.

Keep Water and Debris Out

Damaged vents, hoods, gaskets, hatches and fill caps can allow water and dirt into your tank. Inspect them regularly and replace these parts as needed. MFA Oil stocks many of these parts and your local plant manager can assist you with ordering replacements.

Replace fuel filters two to three times per year. MFA Oil recommends a 10-micron filter. Regular filter replacement keeps sediment out of your engines—preventing fuel pump and fuel injector system failure.

Use High-Quality Diesel Fuel

Bulk fuel tank maintenance is only half the battle. Don’t want compromise your fuel quality with sub-standard fuel. Today’s advanced diesel engines are highly complex and intricate. As the technology has evolved, it has become more important than ever to select a premium diesel fuel like BOSS Performance Diesel to prevent impurities from damaging your equipment. BOSS is specially formulated with an additive package that includes:

  • Powerful fuel detergents that can help keep your fuel system clean and improve overall performance.
  • Demulsifiers that can help keep water out of the fuel system by separating it from the fuel and pushing it to the bottom of the tank for easy drainage and removal.
  • Corrosion inhibitors that safeguard metal parts from destructive rust and prevent corrosion-caused leaks, blockages and break in metal parts.
  • Fuel stabilizers that extend the shelf life of the fuel and help injector pumps and injectors by reducing internal diesel injection deposits.

Contact your local MFA Oil office to place an order for BOSS diesel fuel.