Propane Contracting with MFA Oil

Time is Running Out on Propane Contracting

As Labor Day approaches, the unofficial end of summer nears and that means cooler temperatures are just around the corner. While it’s easy to understand wanting to put off purchasing propane during the heat of summer, doing so runs the risk of missing out on favorable contracting rates.

MFA Oil customers have until Sept. 15 to contract propane for the winter. Contracting provides you with an opportunity to secure a set price on your propane for a specified number of gallons. Locking in your propane now provides protection against future price spikes, which occur most often during the winter months. Contracting doesn’t guarantee today’s price will be lower, but it does make sense based on historical trends.

“Summer has traditionally offered one of the best times of the year to lock in and/or purchase propane, and this summer certainly looks no different,” says Tim Danze, MFA Oil hedging manager.

The MFA Oil Pre-Buy Program allows you to book your propane now at a pre-determined price. This helps to take the guesswork out of budgeting your propane needs while also guaranteeing a reliable supply of propane all winter long.

To learn more or to sign up for a propane contact, call your local MFA Oil plant manager. Click here to find your nearest MFA Oil propane location.