Wholesale Load Division Provides Transport-Sized Deliveries

wholesale sales process
Established in recent months to meet the needs of large-volume customers, the MFA Oil Wholesale Fuels Division is now servicing a wide variety of businesses and government organizations. Our goal is to provide a quick and easy way to arrange for the delivery of transport-sized fuel loads.

The Wholesale Fuels Division handles the big deliveries that cannot be completed in a single trip by trucks at our local bulk plants. Typically, customer orders made through the division will be at least 7,000 gallons per delivery. We use a common carrier to deliver these orders directly from the fuel terminal to you. The Wholesale Fuels Division works with the MFA Oil Dispatch Department to ensure delivery efficiency on all orders to keep our bids competitive.

You can count on the Wholesale Fuels Division to meet your fuel needs from start to finish. We provide fast, accurate quoting, bid acceptance, delivery and invoicing. We strive to provide the best pricing, highest quality and rapid response to your fueling needs. We do this by monitoring daily fluctuations in the market and providing purchasing advice to help you get the lowest price available. In the event a problem arises between the terminal and the delivery site, our dispatch team works with the carrier to ensure the delivery is made with minimal interruption to your fuel supply.

Once a bid has been accepted, we generate an invoice for easy payment by check, electronic funds transfer (ETF) or through our online payment service at www.mfaoil.com. We’re currently working on adding an automated payment option to give you the ability to have your payments auto-submitted on the due date.

MFA Oil is committed to providing excellent service and making orders through the Wholesale Fuels Division a hassle-free solution to meet your large-scale fuel volume needs.

Interested in working with the Wholesale Fuel Division? Call us at 844-8-MFAOIL (844-863-2645) and have the following information available:

  • Product type(s)
  • Additives
  • Tank size
  • Delivery date and location
  • Purpose of use (agriculture, commercial or construction)
  • Special instructions