We Live Where You Do

By MFA Oil President and CEO Jon Ihler – Published in the Fall 2019 issue of Momentum magazine.

Slogans are great for quickly stating or reinforcing the character of a company or brand. They also help to align our team and differentiate us from our competitors. MFA Oil Company recently reintroduced the slogan “We Live Where You Do.” The decision to update our slogan may seem minor, but for us, it underscores our commitment to serving our local communities.

When we shifted away from “We Live Where You Do” to “Stronger Together” in 2015, MFA Oil was in the midst of significantly restructuring our field operations. We were consolidating some locations, and our bulk and propane plants were coming together to work more effectively and efficiently. While “Stronger Together” fit our organizational objectives during that stretch, we feel the time is right to return to “We Live Where You Do” because of our dedication to local service and the strong connection we have with our rural communities and customers.

For 90 years, MFA Oil employees have lived and worked in the same communities our co-op has served, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We are just as devoted to meeting the needs of our farmers, ranchers and rural residents as ever before.

In my early years with the company, a mentor told me, “We’re a company that is large enough to react but small enough to care.” This is our direction.

Besides our position as your energy supplier, when you think of MFA Oil, we want you to think of great service and an outstanding buying experience. That’s our top priority. All of our businesses are aligned with the same strategy: putting the customer first. I’m sure we will run into the occasional hiccup — no organization is perfect — however, you will always remain our focus.

No matter how you choose to do business with us — whether it be face-to-face, over the phone, online or through automation — we aim to deliver the best combination of value through excellent service, expert knowledge and quality products.