Are You Ready for Winter? Equipment Storage

Are You Ready for Winter?

Winter is just around the corner and its frigid temperatures can be hard on diesel equipment and fuel systems. Performing routine maintenance now can help you prevent the most common cold-weather problems and avoid costly repairs and downtime.

Before the cold weather strikes, prepare your equipment for the season by following the checklist below.

  1. Ensure your fuel storage tank is clean. Water, dirt and other contaminants can wreak havoc on fuel quality if left unchecked. Contaminated fuel that is pumped into your equipment can create engine build-up that leads to sub-optimal performance and expensive repairs. If you suspect you have water or debris in your tank, contact your local MFA Oil plant manager or the company’s laboratory for assistance.
  2. Replace fuel filters every six months. Proper filtration is crucial to preventing fuel flow problems. A 10-micron filter is recommended. Clean filters go a long way in blocking dirt, water and impurities from entering your equipment.
  3. Order or add BOSS Performance Diesel fuel to your #2 diesel. BOSS improves low-temperature operability by as much as 20° F compared to typical untreated diesel fuel. It also features a potent combination of wax modifiers, anti-wax settling agents and multiple-stage deicers, which are designed to prevent fuel gelling, filter plugging and icing. If you have yet to turn over your summer diesel fuel, ask your plant manager about top treating your fuel with BOSS All Season additive.
  4. Consider keeping MFA Oil’s Ice Eater and Ultra Boost fuel additive on hand. These additives deliver extra protection from extreme cold conditions. Ice Eater de-ices fuel filters and eliminates water to prevent fuel freeze-ups. Ultra Boost helps you avoid gelling issues and filter clogs.
  5. Inspect gaskets, hatches, vents and fill caps for damage and replace if necessary. MFA Oil stocks a large supply of tank parts, such as caps, gauges and other equipment. Contact your local plant manager if you need to order a part.

Winter weather can be a challenge, but taking the time to prepare and follow these steps can keep your equipment running smoothly year-round. If you have any questions while running through the checklist, contact the MFA Oil laboratory at (800) 827-0116.